Mette Ivie Harrison

Mette Ivie Harrison holds a PhD in Germanic Languages and Literatures from Princeton University, is an All-American triathlete and nine-time Ironman finisher. She knew she wanted to be a writer at age 5 and wrote her first novel at age 14. She published young adult fantasies from 2002-2012, then moved to adult mysteries with the national best-selling and New York Times Notable book, The Bishop's Wife. She also writes weird Mormon fiction with By Common Consent Press, including The Book of Laman and Vampires in the Temple. She writes essays about Mormonism and Post-Mormonism for Religion News Service, The Salt Lake Tribune, Huffington Post, and Medium. She also has several podcasts, The Mormon Sabbatical, Write Brain, and Ask an Autist. She was diagnosed with autism in 2017, at the age of 46, and is still trying to figure out (yes, in writing form) what that means.



The Monster In Me, Holiday House, 2002
Mira, Mirror, Viking, 2004
The Princess and the Hound, HarperTeen, 2006
The Princess and the Bear, HarperTeen, 2008
The Princess and the Snowbird, HarperTeen, 2009
The Rose Throne, Egmont, 2011
Tris & Izzie, Egmont, 2012
Ironmom, Familius, 2012
The Bishop's Wife, Soho Crime, 2014
His Right Hand, Soho Crime, 2016
For Time and All Eternities, Soho Crime, 2017
The Book of Laman, BCC Press, 2017
Not of This Fold, Soho Crime, 2018
Vampires in the Temple, BCC Press, 2018
The Book of Abish, BCC Press, 2019
The Women's Book of Mormon, BCC Press, 2020
The Prodigal Daughter, Soho Press, 2021