Ryan Decaria

Ryan Decaria is a science fiction author born and raised in Ogden, UT. He graduated from Weber State University in English and was the Editor-in-Chief of Metaphor, Weber's literary magazine. Working as a Technical Writer since graduation, Ryan has enjoyed writing about several different software platforms and the A-10 aircraft. He published two books about high school kids fighting mad scientists with science. Ryan was raised on science fiction and fantasy novels and 80’s adventure movies. On rainy days, you can find him sulking on the window sill waiting for a treasure map, his future self, an alien buddy, and his own luck dragon. He lives in Northern Utah where he invents problems for invisible friends; he also writes fiction. Ryan approaches magic like a scientific field of study and science fiction as if were magic. Slam both together, and Mad Science is born, where anything is possible and it’s always a little gooey. His favorite parts are the monster always hiding in the closet, adventure around every corner, and a brilliant mind trying to set things right.



  • Devil in the Microscope, Immortal Works, 2017.
  • We Shall Be Monsters, Immortal Works, 2019.